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Alan Cowgill is a real-estate investor who has become an expert in the area of finding private lenders to finance real-estate deals. His seminars and products teach new and seasoned investors how to find private investors while keeping in compliance with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation.

Learn the best ways to find these lenders and how private money expert Alan Cowgill raises capital to invest in real estate and the REI tools he uses. Knowing this information is what is needed to prosper in this real estate market and Alan shares his secrets to success in this R.E.I. Association™ training.

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Alan Cowgill is a 20 year veteran of the real estate investing business and perhaps the most widely known expert in the U.S. on the topic of raising private money. He’s also one of 13 featured speakers at this years National Real Estate Summit sponsored by OREIA.

Alan Cowgill Hello, I’m Alan Cowgill and it’s my honor today to be speaking with Mr. Ron.

Alan Cowgill Interviews Ron LeGrand.

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