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"Special thanks to Eric, Dan, Dylan, Matt and the rest of the crew for two days of priceless information, incredible panel of speakers, fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with the best of the best, continuous networking, laughs, late beer gatherings!

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With the potential to sell in the millions annually, wholesale could be the right option for you. Just ask Dan & Eric, the wildly successful Amazon sellers behind The Wholesale Formula, a training program for other sellers to learn their secrets. Pro Tip: Not sure how to find legitimate wholesalers?

Today, Trent, his wife, and a small team of talented employees and virtual assistants run a multi-million dollar eCommerce company whose main focus is selling on Amazon using the Wholesale business model as he learned in from Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert of The Wholesale Formula.

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The Wholesale Formula ("TWF") is a proven blueprint/system for sourcing and selling wholesale products profitably on Amazon. Our showrooms in Alpharetta and Woodstock feature well-stocked inventories of beautiful jewelry creations for all occasions.