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A place to share e-learning and Web 2.0 tools for education. Computers and laptops in education are important only when used with good pedagogy.

After changing the second network to Class A (10.x.x.x) it did work. Unless you do need different Subnets I still recommend setting up a single large 192.168.0.x network ~ easier and safe to use. In that case Router 2 would just need a static IP e.g. and then connect it to the first router via a.

I bought into what I believe (going by what he says in his video) was the original version of of Michael Cheney’s ‘My Millionaire Mentor 2011’. It was called something like ‘The Golden Thread’. It was NOT a scam – believe me! I was an absolute beginner at the time and I learned so much from it that it was worth every penny of its $1,997.00.

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and its very time consuming.