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AudienceOps – Brian’s current productized services business, which offers end-to-end content marketing. CasJam – Brian’s blog. Productize – Brian’s course on how to create a profitable productized service. Theme Jam – One of Brian’s first online ventures, a WordPress theme marketplace.

Brian Casel currently runs Audience Ops, a done-for-you content marketing company for B2B software companies. Before that, he built and sold Restaurant Engine, a SaaS for the restaurant industry. He also teaches the Productize course, which teaches consultants how to build a productized service business (which Brian has done twice now).

Brian Casel is an entrepreneur, designer, and writer. Through his personal blog and newsletter, Brian shares lessons in entrepreneurship with a focus on productized services. He also runs Audience Ops, a productized content marketing service and Ops Calendar, a content calendar software product.

Overview. Learn how to break free of billable hours by productizing your service during How to Productize Your Consulting, a free webinar workshop hosted by our friend Brian Casel.

Brian Casel is an entrepreneur, focused on bootstrapping online businesses that combine software with productized services. Since starting his self-employed career as a professional freelance web designer back in 2008, he built and later sold a web design/SaaS business in 2015.

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Get free download Brian Casel – Productize :A productized service is your alternative to billing by the hour, and taking any and every project just to keep the lights on. It can be designed to let you focus solely on your craft (while cutting out the boring stuff).